Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Submit ECG case studies

Do you have any interesting ECG case studies you’d like to see featured on ECG & Cardiology blog?

Email the case study to ECG.Experts@gmail.com.

Please include: Patient information including age, gender, chief complaint, medical history, medications, vital signs, and physical exam. ECGs with excellent data quality (rhythm strip and 12-lead ECG preferred) Information about the patient’s clinical conditions, including treatment, response to treatment, and discharge diagnosis if available.

Please also include information as to how you’d like to be credited for the case study. For example, “I’d like to be credited as John Doe” or “I’d like to remain anonymous.” By submitting an ECG or case study you authorize Jason Winter to publish the material in any manner including digital media, magazine, or book form.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

For a practical review on ECG Diagnosis of Chamber Enlargement - Please Check Out this PDF excerpted from my ECG-2014-Expanded Pocket Brain book:
Hope this is useful. Questions are welcome - Ken Grauer, MD

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Dr Ken Grauer MD latest ECG book

Hi Anyone

Just to let you know that Dr Ken Grauer MD is to release his latest ECG book,  Ken has kindly provided links for us below and a bio,  I am proud to have Ken as a author on this blog and I look forward to his contribution on this site.

The newest book is called "A 1st Book on ECGs-2014". This is an introductory book for Beginning and Novice interpreters - and Others who just want to know (including laypersons who want to learn what an ECG is and does). The book is 118 pages - it is ALL in COLOR - and can be read within a few hours - so great for students in any medical field to get them started. Information including LOTS of Sample Pages is posted on amazon.com - GO TO -http://www.amazon.com/1st-Book-ECGs-2014-Ken-Grauer/dp/1930553366/ref=la_B001KIOEIA_1_14?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1396560576&sr=1-14 -  Please note that these sample pages are best viewed from a computer rather than from smart phone. Your comments and questions are welcome!

KEN GRAUER, MD is Professor Emeritus (Dept. Community Health/Family Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Florida in Gainesville).


  Link to Dr. Grauer's Author Page on AMAZON.com. 

  • Dr. Grauer's perspective gained during his 35 years as a Board Certified family physician educator and clinician with expertise in cardiology is truly unique. His books have been translated into 4 languages and have sold over 500,000 copies nationwide. Retired from academia and clinical practice since July, 2010 — he continues his far-reaching teaching and writing endeavors with new books, active participation on numerous cardiology-related internet sites, periodic national workshops, and development of ECG Competency.

  • Principal Author of more than 75 scientific articles pertaining to cardiology or ACLS topics for family physicians.
  • Presenter at well over 300 major Conferences over the past 30 years on various cardiology topics for family physicians, nurses, and other primary care providers — including numerous keynote speaker invitations at national meetings.
  • Featured Speaker on over 40 medical videos / audiocassettes produced by the AAFP or Audio-Digest.

  • Author of ECG Review columns that have been published monthly in various family practice journals since 1983.
  • Longterm service on Editorial Boards and as reviewer of medical books/articles for many primary care journals.
  • Development of his Educational ECG BLOG and ECG CONSULT.
  • Development of ACLS Comments (update/discussion on ACLS).
  • Development of ECG Competency (for objective assessment and improvement of ECG interpretation).

  • Recipient of numerous Awards for teaching excellence on a local, statewide and national level — including 3-time Residency Teacher of the Year; recipient of the Superior Accomplishment Award and TIP Award from UF (one of two physicians to first receive this latter award); 1st recipient of the FAFP Educator of the Year Award (in 1993); 1st Recipient of the national AAFP Exemplary Teaching Award for full-time faculty (in 1997); Charter Member of the Society of Teaching Scholars at UF College of Medicine; and Exemplary Teacher, UFCOM in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

  • Presenter of numerous national ECG Workshops (including Advanced ECG Interpretation at the AAFP Scientific Assembly for 18 consecutive years), and longterm teacher of the ECG Review for AAFP Board Review Courses. He continues to present ECG Workshops annually at the AAFP National Conference for Medical Students and Family Medicine Residents, as well as periodically presenting other national ECG workshops (See ECG Cruise and ECG Workshops).

  • Former ACLS State and National Affiliate Faculty. Dr. Grauer has taught in well over 100 ACLS Provider Coures and has had a major role in developing the curriculum and teaching at numerous ACLS Instructor Courses over the years. He is a former member of the AHA Task Force for ACLS Testing, and a contributor in the past to the AHA ACLS Textbook.

  • Language facility (comfortably conversational in French and Spanish; basic German).
  • Outside interests: Travel and Dance (all ballroom, Argentine tango).

 Dr. Grauer's reputation for teaching in cardiology to diversemedical audiences (incuding nurses, paramedics, physician assistants, medical students, physicians in training and in practiceis nationally acknowledged. He is a whiz at Power Point and with use ofpdf files and has expanded his works into ePub versions (for nook-kindle-ibooks). Dr. Grauer's trademark has been the ability to simplify otherwise complicated topics into a concise, practical, and easy-to-remember format. These abilities are obvious in the productsproduced by KG-EKG Press.

  • Link to Dr. Grauer's Author Page on AMAZON.com.

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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Cardio Rhythms Online: Ventricular Conduction Disturbances

Cardio Rhythms Online: Ventricular Conduction Disturbances: When someone talks about "heart blocks" in most cases what they are referring to are blocks or conduction delays at the AV no...

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

ECG Lessons Online: Attitudes to ECG interpretation

ECG Lessons Online: Attitudes to ECG interpretation: I have worked in emergency care for many years now, and I have worked with hundreds of people over the years, and I have come across many bi...

Monday, 17 February 2014

ECG Lessons Online: Left anterior fascicular block

ECG Lessons Online: Left anterior fascicular block: Left anterior fascicular block  is a cardiac condition,   distinguished from  left bundle branch block . It is caused by only the anterior...