Sunday, 29 November 2009

5 week old baby boy, Distressed at feeding times:

This ECG was recorded from a 5 week old baby boy, the birth of the child was a normal delivery with no complications, baby was born full term. From a few weeks old, he started being irritable during breast feeding and Mum noticed that the baby became diaphoretic during feeds and also seemed to be in a lot of distress, but the baby's mother just thought this was due to the baby having "reflux" 

Baby attended the Emergency Department due to having a low grade fever, rhinorrhea and poor feeding. On examination, he was found to have increased respiratory effect and he was tachycardic, also a soft systolic murmur was found and a few crepitations in the patient's lungs. Liver is palpable 3cm below the costal margin.

What's your diagnosis?