Sunday, 3 January 2010

52 year old female "off legs".

EMS are called to a 52 yof who has been "off legs" for over 2 months.

This p/t is a diabetic, controlled with Metformin, currently on treatment by her GP for a UTI.

Over the past few months this lady has had reduced mobility and an increasing Shortness of Breath on excertion...


Renal problems
Heart problems
Diabetic: (Tablet & diet controlled)
Poor mobility

Vital signs:

HR: 154
BP: 134/56
SPo2: 94% on air. 100% via 28% therapy mask
BM: Blood sugar 33 mmol/L
Skin: Dry
Temp: 36.9

What features on the 12 lead ECG captured do you see ?

12 lead ECG captured